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The grand display Barcelona have planned to intimidate Liverpool at Camp Nou

The semi-final stage of the ongoing UEFA Champions League campaign is upon us with Ajax facing Spurs at the New Tottenham Stadium and Liverpool traveling to Barcelona. Both these ties are lip-smacking, but it’s the Barca-Liverpool tie that is the clash of the titans, as two unstoppable forces face-off in Catalonia for the first leg.

Extremely difficult to pick a clear winner in this one, every factor will come in handy to give Barca an edge over the visitors. And with undying, unflinching support from the Barca fans, Liverpool can expect to be thwarted by the Nou Camp majority.

What Barcelona have planned in this regard for their game against Liverpool in the Champions League is absolutely spectacular.

A video has surfaced online which gives the footballing world an idea of what Liverpool can expect at the Camp Nou. Barca have planned a mosaic around the stadium as they welcome Liverpool to the Camp Nou for their CL semi-final first leg clash on the 2nd of May.

The animation shows the entire stadium bathed in the traditional colors of the Catalan club, with blue and red rings going around the stadium and a series of red and yellow verticals on the far ends along the length of the stadium.

The one side of the stadium is set to feature the message, “Ready to color Europe”, in yellow, in what is sizing up to be a grand display of support from the fans for the home side.

The tifo is going to be executed by providing fans with appropriately colored cards that when held up in unison, will actualize this marvel.

Needless to say, this mosaic from the Barca faithful is sure to send shivers down the spines of the Liverpool players. How will Liverpool cope with the pressure, with 95000 odd Barca fans, chanting and creating an unnerving atmosphere, and this mosaic masterpiece spearheading the Barca 12th man?


The 360 degree cam presentation for Virgil van Dijk’s POTY award is the coolest thing you’ll see today

The PFA Players’ Player of The Year has been officially revealed, and although leaked beforehand by a certain Egyptian Messi, it wasn’t any surprise, was it?

Virgil van Dijk was given the crown based on the monstrous season he’s had at Liverpool, firmly positioning himself as one of the first names on the team sheet and the cornerstone in Jurgen Klopp’s tight backline which only allowed 20 goals in the Premier League the entire season.

Despite Twitter not agreeing with the decision, with flashier nominees such as Raheem Sterling and the aforementioned Mohamed Salah, one has to admit that Van Dijk is arguably the best centre-back and one of the best footballers in the Premier League right now.

The 27-year-old Dutchman has registered incredible stats for this season, helping Liverpool with their intense title fight with Manchester City, with a per game average of 1 tackle, 1.1 interceptions, 0.3 fouls, 1.1 offsides won, 0.5 blocks and 5.4 clearances.

It’ll certainly be a mouth-watering treat to watch Van Dijk going against one the best player of all time, Lionel Messi. More on that here : Lionel Messi versus Virgil van Dijk in the Champions League semi-finals is nothing short of mouth-watering

But the way in which the trophy was presented trumps all words that can be said about van Dijk, who stood on a podium holding the award with outstretched arms while a camera panned 360° around him, whilst confetti was being showered.

Twitter user Jude #JD13 made a cool edit of this as well, adding The Notorious B.I.G’s “Hypnotize” to the video.

Certainly a worthy way of celebrating someone who is, at least in the eyes of the professionals in the game right now, the Player of The Year. There is no higher praise than one received from your rivals. Take a bow, Virgil.


Binance CEO shows the unique invitation Liverpool sends to its potential partners

In the modern day era, football is more than just a game. It is a business. Evolving from the action on the pitch, football has grown into an empire outside of football; expanding into various fields such as marketing, finance and healthcare to name a few.

With football growing rapidly into virtually every field, Liverpool now seem to have made strides into crypto-currency, as they sent out an invitation to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

The Chinese-Canadian businessman posted on his Twitter recently a video of the invitation he received from Liverpool. It’s fair to say that he was impressed by style if the invite he received.

The invitation itself was extremely innovative. It paired vintage with new-age. The invitation itself was housed in a red enveloped, with the front of it showcasing Liverpool’s logo and their motto, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Once the envelope is opened, there is a screen which plays a video message and there are control buttons for pause/play and volume adjustment.

The video starts with a tribute to a potential partnership with Liverpool, with Liverpool’s logo paired with Binance’s. It is then followed by a voice-over by Reds manager Jurgen Klopp uttering the words, “We are Liverpool. This means more.” The video message is also paired with a handwritten note by Liverpool’s partnership development manager, Marcel Weigmann, and is duly signed off by him.

The message on the note was clear; as Liverpool looked to explore partnership opportunities in detail with Binance. Earlier, Liverpool had sent out a similar invitation to Justin Sun, who is the CEO of the TRON foundation, for reasons similar to that mentioned in the message on the handwritten note.

Liverpool are pushing themselves to the limit in the league, giving it their all as they chase their first title in the PL era. With brilliant, technologically adept yet personally addressed invites such as the one’s sent out to Zhao and Sun, Liverpool are also pushing the frontiers of innovation and partnership opportunities to another level.



Liverpool and Man City account for 17.9 percent of all the points won in the Premier League this season

For the Premier League, the 2000s saw the world get introduced to the notion of the Big Four concept. In that time, the world saw Arsenal become the Invincibles in 2004 and Chelsea haul a then-record by accumulating 95 points in 2005.

The 2010s however, brought us new change. With the emergence of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, the Big Four reshaped into the Big Six, as competition at the top found new challengers. In the nine years since, the league has seen City win in the final seconds of the final day at the expense of United in 2012, Leicester defying the odds in 2016 and City breaking Chelsea’s record of 95 points with a century of points in 2018.

Ever since City’s emergence, the noisy neighbors have taken the league by the scruff of the neck. Other clubs fear them and at the same time want to be them, both in position, pull and power.

But this season, hasn’t seen the blue side of Manchester fly away. The Reds of Liverpool – scoring for fun and housing the best defense in the league – have have menacingly followed them in every round and have proved themselves to be worthy contenders for the title.

The current PL season has seen Liverpool and Man City dominating throughout, accounting for 17.9 percent (something that hasn’t been achieved since the 1890s according to the New York Times) of the total points won, which is a remarkable statistic in its own.

Talking about the title race, City and Liverpool are a cut above the rest. This season particularly, City seem to have maintained, if not, improved their performances from last season, looking absolutely ruthless and flawless in style of play.

The two-club dominance can be seen throughout in attack, midfield and defense. Salah (21) and Mane (20) lead the way on goals scored, closely followed by Aguero (20). Robertson has 11 assists, which is third on the stats list, with Sane and Sterling locked on 10. Liverpool have 20 clean sheets with City on 19. All season, these two have gone toe-to-toe against each other in a bid to be crowned champions.

This season’s title race is set to go down to the wire, as both clubs constantly swap places at the top. City are currently leading by a point, with both clubs having two games left. They have entertained us all season with their unique styles of play, and are providing us with a grand-stand finish as the season closes.

The main takeaway from this season however, is the standards that these two clubs have set for others to follow.

City and Liverpool have maintained otherworldly standards and it looks like a daunting task for the rest of the chasing pack. Will there be any club to usurp these dominators, or will it be a repeat of this season in seasons hence?


Look how Liverpool fans are supporting Burnley before Clarets’ clash v City

Over the past few seasons, the Premier League title race has seen some intense battles, close calls and inspiring stories. Manchester City’s last-gasp win in 2012, Leicester’s fairy-tale ending in 2016 and Chelsea’s dominance in 2017. And this 2018-19 season is sizing up to produce a grandstand finish, as Liverpool and City fight it out as the season comes to a close.

During midweek, Liverpool fans were on all-out support of Manchester United as they prayed that their arch rivals would do the Reds a favor. Painstakingly difficult for the fans to support the old enemy, it was a necessary evil in the grand scheme of things for Liverpool fans.

A victory for United would have meant that Liverpool would have a 2 point lead over City; a season-changing advantage indeed. But all that support went in vain as City beat United 2-0 with goals from Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane.

This meant that at the end of 35 match-weeks, City sat in pole position with 89 points and a superior goal difference, while Liverpool followed closely in second, just a point behind.

And with the title race going down to the wire this season, Liverpool fans are going to any length to see their club win their first title in the Premier League era.

If reluctantly supporting United wasn’t enough, Liverpool fans are supporting Burnley now, in hopes that they can stall City’s charge.

This has given Burnley fans complete control over Reds fans, and to be honest, they are taking the mickey out of them!

One particular fan has taken this up a notch by asking Liverpudlian fans on Twitter to make a picture of Burnley striker Ashley Barnes their profile picture if they want the Clarets to beat City this weekend; in what is possibly the most hilarious example of the phrase: ‘Holding someone to ransom’, as many Reds fans obliged.

Liverpool fans will be praying for miracles, as fixture difficulty for both the title contenders is even-stevens. Liverpool are to play Huddersfield(H), Newcastle(A) and Wolves(H), while table toppers City play Burnley(A), Leicester(H) and Brighton(A). And with City holding a slender lead and looking ruthless, Liverpool will be hoping for favors sooner rather than later.

Will the change in profile picture work its magic?


Hilarious TV promo nails the plight of Liverpool fans ahead of the Manchester derby

Over the course of the football league season, champions are made based on fine margins. It’s the close calls that make all the difference between being crowned champions and having to settle for second-best.

Getting stuck in and grinding out results in games when the team is not performing at its best, when the opposition is gritty or when things just don’t seem to go your way are the results that define a club’s potential to win the league. But while these are factors that the players and management can control by making a few tweaks, there are other factors that are out of one’s control completely.

Examples of such factors are injuries, personal emergencies, and performance and results of fellow title chasers.

And it is that last factor that has been spoken of quite a lot recently, with regard to the insanely close title race in England, between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Currently, Liverpool have 88 points with three games left, and City have 86 points with four games to spare. Given that they are the in-form clubs in the top flight, if both clubs win all of their remaining fixtures, City would be champions. This prospect brings us to the plight of Liverpool fans.

Having not won the Premier League since its inception, Liverpool are within an arm’s reach of glory, with City providing the only roadblock.

A roadblock that can be done away with, with the help of the old enemy: Manchester United. With due respect to other clubs, City’s toughest fixture is the trip to Old Trafford. And with both title contenders expected to win their remaining fixtures, it is only Manchester United that can stop City from winning the title, handing it over to Liverpool.

A recent TV promo shows exactly what it means to the Liverpool fans, in the most hilarious way possible. It shows a Liverpool fan having to reluctantly support arch rivals United (donning their jersey and singing their songs), hoping that they can do the Reds a favor.

The video is worth the watch and it does bring out a laugh, but it also highlights the conundrum the Reds’ fans find themselves in, perfectly: having to support a club they hate for the greater good; so that they can experience PL paradise.

This Manchester derby is hailed as the game that decides the title. If City win, they are well and truly in the driving seat to be back-to-back champions. If United win, the title is Liverpool’s for the taking. It’s a sticky situation for United fans as well, but come the derby, the red side of Manchester is sure to have more “Red” support.


Disagreement between Liverpool players caught on cam before Cardiff penalty

As an attacking player, there’s only one thought in your mind: to score goals. To score bag loads of goals and help your club win games. And since it’s a simple equation – goals win you games and eventually titles – it’s no surprise that attackers are on a goal-scoring frenzy; to be the best goalscorer there is.

More so in the Premier League, the battle to be the highest goalscorer in a season is one that swings in favor of multiple players; hailing from different clubs. And in seasons past, the race to win the Premier League Golden Boot has seen some marvelous finishes (both in the race and for the goals scored). Won the most number of times (4) by Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, the latest holder of the award is Liverpool’s Mo Salah.

Mo Salah disappointed after Milner takes the ball away from him
Mo Salah disappointed after Milner takes the ball away from him

Salah had earned a reputation for being a pacey, deadly winger for Basel, Fiorentina and Roma. While his first stint in England with Chelsea didn’t impress, his second time round in the PL has been mesmerizing.

Signed by Liverpool in the summer of 2017, Salah took the league by storm, scoring 32 goals in his first season, whilst recording the highest ever tally in a single season by any previous player.

Although his second season isn’t as explosive as his first, Salah still is joint top-scorer along side City’s Aguero and Arsenal’s Aubameyang, with 19 goals.

So, when Liverpool won a penalty late on in their game against Cardiff, Salah had an opportunity to pull ahead of the pack. Having won the penalty, Salah was stepping forward to take it. Substitute James Milner then intervened, grabbing the ball from Salah, who looked away in disgust and disappointment on being denied his opportunity to grab his 20th in the league and seal the deal.

Reds manager Jurgen Klopp has made it public that while Milner is on the pitch, he would be Liverpool’s spot-kick taker. So there was nothing much Salah could do against Klopp’s instructions, as Milner pulled rank and thumped home the penalty; but the Egyptian’s disappointment was still palpable.

It was evident that even after the conversion, Salah was still pondering on what would’ve been his 20th of the league campaign. One can only imagine that Salah’s emotions at the time would’ve died down after the game, given that the Reds are top of the table.

With Liverpool having 3 rounds to play while City and Arsenal have 4, who will be this season’s PL Golden Boot winner?

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Photo: Porto fans share love for Jurgen Klopp after a beautiful gesture from the German

Football is all about respect. It is multi-faceted in a sense that it not just about players. There is respect between fans, clubs, management, sentiments and a lot more. It’s what makes the “Beautiful Game” that much more captivating to watch and enjoy. The game is about honor and regard, and no matter the result, the real victory goes to football.

Even when rivals face off, there is still bag loads of respect shown. Right from the exchange of pennants before kick-off till the scenes post-match, honor is preserved. It’s something that unites clubs, fans and players alike. Something that does go overlooked most of the time; away from the action on the pitch, is acts of reverence on the sidelines.

Warm embraces between staff before the game, respectful handshakes after the game, clubs addressing a rival managers’/clubs’ achievements, guards of honor, observing a minute’s silence for those no longer with us – all these acts are met with a smile on the face and satisfies the soul.

One such moment that occurred recently, was in the Champions League second-leg of the quarter final between Porto and Liverpool. Porto were celebrating 125 years of their existence with a commemorative symbol placed on the turf. Pictures show Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp walking around the symbol on his path, making sure to avoid stepping on it.

It really was a mark of utmost respect from Klopp to pay attention to such details, on a night that was important for him and Liverpool, as they progressed through to the semis with a 6-1 aggregate score.

Liverpool may have won the tie convincingly, but Klopp won the hearts of Reds and Porto fans alike with this gesture. Porto fans were in awe of the German for his gesture and were quick to appreciate it on social media.

Although the world is divided by clubs and rivalries, its moments like this that unites us all. More than being a game of glory, the game truly is, about respect. Here are a few respectful moments in football –

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Jordan Henderson’s nutmeg versus Porto is testament to his newfound confidence at Liverpool

There comes a time in a footballer’s career where they hit a brick wall: poor performances, fans getting on your back, warming the bench. These are situations that the player doesn’t want, but they are issues that need to be addressed. And how a player deals with this adversity tells the world a lot about his character and mettle.

One player that has faced a lot of flak for inconsistencies and just a general lack of favor from the fans, is Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson. Making a lot of appearances off the bench, much against his liking, it was a harsh truth that Hendo had to face. But all the troubling times were worth it, as Henderson is now a household name in Liverpool’s midfield.

Jordan Henderson is hitting form just at the right time for Liverpool. With every game of utmost importance in the Premier League and the Champions League being another avenue for success for the Reds, every player needs to stand up and be counted. And that’s exactly what Hendo has done.

A goal and assist against Southampton for the Englishman kicked off a string of dazzling performances leading up to the game against Porto in the CL quarter-final second leg.

Liverpool went into the game in Portugal with a 2-0 advantage. With all due respect to Porto, there was never really any doubt about the result of the game, it was a question of how many would Liverpool score. The game ended 4-1 to the Reds, thanks to goals from Mane, Salah, Firmino and Virgil. Porto had to settle with just one goal over two legs, with the aggregate at 6-1 in Liverpool’s favor.

Rested for the game, Jordan Henderson came on as a second half substitute and the Englishman found Roberto Firmino with a pinpoint cross as the Reds asserted their dominance. His stats in the time that he was on, are spectacular.

He created more chances in those 20 odd minutes he was on than any other player in the entire game. His confidence and rich vein of form were epitomised by a filthy nutmeg he pulled off against a Porto player on Wednesday night. Check it out below –


Naby Keita hitting form just at the right time as Liverpool chase glory in two fronts

Coming into a new club can always be daunting. This becomes even more of a challenge when the player comes from a different country, a different culture, doesn’t know the native language and arrives at a club with different visions and ambitions.

These are exactly the challenges that Naby Keita faced when he arrived at Liverpool at the start of the 18-19 season. The Guinean earned a reputation of being the most sought after box-to-box midfielders after his excellent spell at RB Leipzig. He joined Liverpool with fans and critics expecting him to tear up the league, picking up from where he left off at Leipzig.

But that wasn’t the case as it turned out to be as Keita struggled to make an impact, with inconsistent performances and injuries afflicting the talented midfielder, causing him to take a place on the bench.

With Liverpool chasing domestic and European silverware, and fixtures coming in thick and fast in the close-season, Keita was given an opportunity to contribute and prove his worth with a start in a league game against Southampton. The Guinean impressed with a stellar performance and nabbing his first goal for the club in a 3-1 away win.

Rewarded with a start in the Reds’ UCL quarter-final against Porto after the win over the Saints, Keita impressed again with a stellar performance with another goal.

Liverpool’s new number 8 seems to be finding his feet at the club and given his numbers in recent games, he’s going to be a player to keep an eye out for.

Nicknamed “Baby Keith” by the Liverpool faithful, Keita had a stop-start opening to the Premier League season, but having bided his time and with a little faith put in him, Keita is looking like the real deal.

And needless to say, he’s got the fans on his side and going mental over him. The fans were quick to notice Keita’s sweet performances and shower him with the plaudits. Twitter was brilliant as usual –

Hitting form at the perfect time with Liverpool chasing glory on two fronts, having Naby Keita in this type of form at this crucial stage could prove to be season defining for the Merseyside club.


A female Liverpool supporter gatecrashed the Spurs end – trolled City fans while she was at it

There’s a new rivalry budding in English football, and it involves two of the Premier League’s most lethal teams. With Liverpool and City going toe-to-toe against each other in the title race and with both teams desperate to be crowned champions, there’s every chance that this rivalry will be a thing of significance in the future.

Two of the most in-form teams in the league, Liverpool lead the Citizens by two points, who have a game in hand over the Reds. Given that both clubs have a fairly similar run-in in the league in terms of difficulty, fans are left wondering who will make a mistake and hand the title over to the other. It really is that close to call.

But, while the title tensions are kept to one side, both sets of fans are at their usual best to taunt and troll each other.

And while fans take pop-shots at each other in what can only be described as hilarious to everyone else watching, it also serves as a reminder to most that all the banter is based on past and present events. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk too.

Top notch banter at the Spurs-City game, from a Reds fan:

Take a look at the latest comeuppance of such banter from a Liverpool fan who was at Tottenham’s new stadium to watch their UCL game against City.

The video shows the female Reds supporter at Tottenham’s end trolling the City fans during the game. She is seen showing off the Liverpool badge on her top, while gesturing proudly with her outstretched palm, a.k.a “giving it” to the City fans that Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times. She is also seen verbally mentioning it , with a smirk on her face.

City lost their first leg match 1-0 at Spurs, while Liverpool won theirs 2-0 at Anfield against Porto.

With things in the league reaching melting point for these two clubs and their contrast in fortunes in the CL, there’s surely a lot more in store from a footballing and a jocular perspective.

While this show of witticism and undying support from a fan has got the Liverpool fans laughing, will City have the last laugh come the end of the season?


Jurgen Klopp – “Liverpool fans will jump from the 16th floor if it meant winning the title”

In his very first interview since joining Liverpool as manager, Klopp termed himself as “The Normal One”. With exuberant celebrations, his team playing high intensity football, a classic German charisma and a smile that could light up all of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp is far from “normal”.

In that very interview in 2015, Klopp mentioned that if he were to still be manager of the Reds following his initial three year deal, he is confident that Liverpool would have one title in the bag. Having signed on till 2022 at Anfield, Klopp’s prophecy seems to be on the verge of materializing.

Jurgen Klopp’s quotes in a German interview resonates with Liverpool fans’ desire to win the league

With Liverpool playing some mesmerizing football under Klopp, especially this season, it has got the fans believing that they can push on and win the league as they battle it out, toe-to-toe with Manchester City for top spot.

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson took charge at Manchester United, Liverpool’s love affair with the league diminished. Having watched their rivals overtake them with regard to the number of league titles won and with the league title eluding the Reds since the inception of the Premier League, it is understandable why Liverpool fans are over the moon this season, with their team fighting till the death for the top prize.

This season they look like genuine title contenders, displaying all the qualities characteristic of champions.

So when Jurgen Klopp gave an exclusive interview to German newspaper Die Welt, he was not exaggerating (well, he was actually) when he said that Liverpool fans would be ready to jump off the 16th floor if they won the league.

As crazy as that sounds, Klopp does have a point.

Although fans wouldn’t sacrifice themselves, he wanted to bring out the idea that Liverpool fans have been waiting for such a moment for a very long time now.

He wanted to highlight what it would mean to the fans if the Reds won the league this term. Fueled by the frustration of no league title in the modern PL era, arch rivals Man Utd leading the way with 20 titles and just the utter desire end the barren run, Liverpool fans are behind their team to see them give the fans what they have been longing for.

Will the fans’ wishes be granted? Will Liverpool’s long hunt for a league title come to an end with them being crowned as champions, or will City seal the deal with their second successive title?


Fans reckon Virgil van Dijk’s post-goal ritual makes him a captain material

Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk (VVD) has proven time and again this season that he’s got what it takes to be the best. Labelled the best central defender in the world currently, Van Dijk’s season has been nothing short of sensational.

Commanding the league’s tightest defense, conceding just 20 goals along with 16 clean sheets to his name, Virgil truly is a leader from the back.

A voice that doesn’t go unheard, a no-nonsense type of defender, a patient tackler, a player with grace and strength and an intelligent reader of the game.

These phrases are what come to mind when one thinks of the Dutchman. And while Liverpool’s deadly attack of Salah, Mané and Firmino score goals for fun; tearing teams apart, Virgil (whose name is now synonymous with shutouts),  pops up with the odd goal occasionally, sending Liverpool on their way to summit of the Premier League table.

With all the praise that’s being showered on VVD, it only comes as an added bonus to Van Dijk when one observant fan’s video montage has emerged online, showcasing exactly why the fans love him and why they believe he should be made Liverpool’s captain next season.

The video shows a certain ritual that van Dijk follows every time his fellow teammate scores a goal. He joins in on the team celebrations, but once they disperse, the towering Dutchman heads over to the goal scorer to congratulate them in person.

Van Dijk and the goal scorer share a moment or two, have a celebration between themselves and get back to the action. He is also seen whispering a few words to the man of the moment, and one can only imagine that they are very kind words, conveyed with joy, awe and possibly, relief. 

With VVD displaying qualities such as this and consistently shelling out world class defensive displays, it just goes to prove that he is a top, top professional and a class act.

Will Liverpool’s fan favorite don the captain’s armband full-time next season? Only time will tell, but he’s definitely making a solid case for the himself for club captaincy.


This chest-bumping between Henderson and Van Dijk will turn you into a proper man

Scoring a goal has got to be a feeling like no other. Regardless of the level of football – be it grassroots or top-flight football, nothing quite beats the moment the ball hits the back of the net. It really is a special moment, irrespective of the situation.

Every goal scored brings out some sort of a reaction. Equalizers lift the spirit of one team as it diminishes the spirit of the other. Game-clinchers are met with euphoria from players and fans alike. Screamers leave the fans with their hands on their heads and sassy team-play goals are applauded endlessly. Goals against former clubs either spark wild celebrations, or none at all; while own goals are looked down upon with shame and disappointment.

The age-old saying goes, “Goals win games”, and when these goals bring you that much closer to a Premier League title, it is inevitable to see emotions pouring out during celebrations.

Fans got to see exactly what this is about in the league game between Southampton and Liverpool. The Reds traveled to St. Mary’s, a point behind leaders City at the start of kick-off. Alarm bells were ringing when the Saints took the lead early on through Shane Long. All doubts of an upset were put to rest with Keita’s first goal for the club and late goals from Salah and Henderson.

With Henderson’s goal sealing the comeback win, his goal celebration showed exactly what it meant to him and the club. With Liverpool fans going berserk behind the goal, Henderson’s celebration was just bursting with emotion. Henderson let out all of his frustration built up from a lack of goals, performances, starts and overall criticism of himself and his role in the team.

In what can be described as inspiring and energizing, Hendo and Virgil van Dijk (VVD) are seen sharing a moment after the goal. With Hendo still pumped after scoring, he is seen passionately chest-bumping with VVD. It is what one would call a manly celebration. The Dutchman congratulates him at the end of it, but it was all about the passion in the celebration. The desire. The fire in the belly. The adrenaline pumping through the veins.

It just goes to show that if you channel your emotions and frustrations positively, it will be worth it in the end. Henderson’s reaction showed us what it means to prove your haters wrong, and more importantly, to prove yourself right.


Liverpool fans set Twitter ablaze after talkSPORT journo claims club “lucky” in the Champions League.

It’s the 25th of May 2005. Istanbul is about to stand witness to one of the craziest roller coaster rides in the history of European football. By the end of the first half, Liverpool find themselves 3-0 down. They thought it was all over. But it wasn’t. If there’s one thing Liverpool are known for, it’s hope.

Courtesy of a man of the match performance by Liverpool’s Man Friday, Steven Gerrard, Liverpool clawed their way back into the game. A fifth European title, which seemed like a distant possibility in the first half now seems anything but.

The match went into extra time, then penalties. Liverpool and AC Milan had both won their last European cups after winning penalty shoot-outs. It’s anyone’s game now. But as Andriy Shevchenko squares up to Jerzy Dudek, there is a sparkle in the eyes of the Polish keeper. Shevchenko shoots straight down the middle, Dudek dives down to his right. Everything stops. Time slows down. Shevchenko thinks he’s won it. But Dudek saves with his left hand. Liverpool have now won their fifth European Cup.

The match will forever be referred to as the “Miracle of Istanbul”. Was it really a miracle, though? Adrian Durham certainly seems to think so –

“Liverpool are always, always lucky”, he says. “In Istanbul, it was all about pure luck”, he says. He even goes so far as to say that Liverpool were riding their luck against European giants Bayern Munich in the previous round this year.

The moment he said this, there were tongues of fire emanating from the eyes of every Liverpool fan on the planet. In his two minute rant, Durham went on to say that Liverpool were “lucky” in last year’s run up to the Champions League final and were once again lucky to draw Porto in the quarter-finals.

Liverpool fans are not known for shying away from critics. Twitter was abuzz with criticism against the talkSPORT journo, with Liverpool fans labeling the rant as “disrespectful” towards both clubs, especially Porto.

One thing is for certain. Adrian Durham will forever have to tread lightly in the city of Liverpool. But maybe Lady Luck will come around and save him. After all, Liverpool are known to have a string of luck, don’t they, Mr. Durham?



Man United assistant manager commits a ‘Phelany’ after Liverpool’s win against Bayern Munich

Four English teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. What a time to be English! Liverpool’s victory over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena coupled with Chelsea’s and Arsenal’s wins in the Europa League has ensured that for the first time since 1971 six English sides have progressed into the next round of European competition.

Bayern Munich are nothing less than European royalty and Liverpool’s victory over the Germans have caught the eye of one particular Red Devil. It seems that United’s assistant manager Mike Phelan has had his pick of the lot.

Now, before United fans pelt their desktops with stones, let me tell you this. These are Mike Phelan’s words, not mine.

Have a look –

Via Twitter/@Mike_Phelan_1

While it may seem that Liverpool have gone off the boil in recent weeks, those fears have been put to rest, courtesy of a moment of magic at the Allianz Arena from Liverpool’s main man, Sadio Mane. The Senegalese, who is in the form of his life now has 10 goals in his last ten.

Liverpool fans will be hoping that Mike Phelan does them a favor when table-toppers Manchester City visit Old Trafford in gameweek 35. Of late, United fans have been caught in between somewhat of a rock and a hard place, with the 1st place in the PL frequently exchanging hands between bitter rivals Liverpool and Pep Guardiola’s Citizens.

Man United, meanwhile, have their own worries. The arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim boss has breathed new life into Pogba and co, with United sitting within shouting distance of a Champions League spot, two points behind the Gunners. The Red Devils do have Chelsea breathing down their neck, and with United yet to face Man City and Chelsea at home, it may seem like United’s baby-faced assassin has his work cut out for him.

Liverpool, who trail leaders City by a solitary point can only sit and hope that the Red Devils huff and puff and blow down City’s house.


BT Sport provides stunning angle of Sadio Mane’s ridiculous first goal v Bayern Munich

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane and Virgil van Dijk exhibited pure class as the Reds thrashed Bayern Munich 3-1 at their own backyard to progress to the quarter-final of the UEFA Champions League.

The teams played out a 0-0 draw at Anfield last month and the Bavarians were expected to come out all guns blazing at their home turf.

They did start the game well but a resilient Liverpool defence did extremely well to keep the initial waves of pressure at bay.

As the game progressed Liverpool slowly started to get back into the game but both the teams seemed to lack ideas and creativity in the final third.

But it was Liverpool who looked better and better with every passing second and started to control the game.

And they were the ones who struck first as Sadio Mane displayed unearthly technique and skill to put his side in the lead.

The Senegalese international latched on to a searching long ball from Virgil Van Dijk and brought it under control with a heavenly touch.

He still had a lot to do to get the ball into the back of the net and he did so with utmost calmness.

With a perfect turn, the Senegalese beat both Manuel Neuer and Rafinha before chipping it into the far corner.

Not only the chip was on target but it also had the perfect weight to leave Bayern defenders Niklas Sule and Mats Hummels mere spectators.

Mane was again on the target on the 84th minute when he headed a brilliant lobbed ball from Salah home to wrap up a memorable night for the five-time European Champions.

With Liverpool’s qualification, it is for the first time in the last ten years when four British clubs have managed to qualify for the quarter-finals stage and if they keep on performing like this, the glorious days of English football may not be far away.