Hilarious TV promo nails the plight of Liverpool fans ahead of the Manchester derby

Over the course of the football league season, champions are made based on fine margins. It’s the close calls that make all the difference between being crowned champions and having to settle for second-best.

Getting stuck in and grinding out results in games when the team is not performing at its best, when the opposition is gritty or when things just don’t seem to go your way are the results that define a club’s potential to win the league. But while these are factors that the players and management can control by making a few tweaks, there are other factors that are out of one’s control completely.

Examples of such factors are injuries, personal emergencies, and performance and results of fellow title chasers.

And it is that last factor that has been spoken of quite a lot recently, with regard to the insanely close title race in England, between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Currently, Liverpool have 88 points with three games left, and City have 86 points with four games to spare. Given that they are the in-form clubs in the top flight, if both clubs win all of their remaining fixtures, City would be champions. This prospect brings us to the plight of Liverpool fans.

Having not won the Premier League since its inception, Liverpool are within an arm’s reach of glory, with City providing the only roadblock.

A roadblock that can be done away with, with the help of the old enemy: Manchester United. With due respect to other clubs, City’s toughest fixture is the trip to Old Trafford. And with both title contenders expected to win their remaining fixtures, it is only Manchester United that can stop City from winning the title, handing it over to Liverpool.

A recent TV promo shows exactly what it means to the Liverpool fans, in the most hilarious way possible. It shows a Liverpool fan having to reluctantly support arch rivals United (donning their jersey and singing their songs), hoping that they can do the Reds a favor.

The video is worth the watch and it does bring out a laugh, but it also highlights the conundrum the Reds’ fans find themselves in, perfectly: having to support a club they hate for the greater good; so that they can experience PL paradise.

This Manchester derby is hailed as the game that decides the title. If City win, they are well and truly in the driving seat to be back-to-back champions. If United win, the title is Liverpool’s for the taking. It’s a sticky situation for United fans as well, but come the derby, the red side of Manchester is sure to have more “Red” support.

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Ter Stegen stopped Barcelona fans from singing an anti-De Gea song during CL clash

It is possibly the toughest job in the world of football. Unforgiving, relentless, and widely considered the most important job in football; we are talking about the goalkeeper’s position. The game can be glorious and cruel for the ‘keeper, and it can all change in a matter of moments.

Always under the spotlight, a goalkeeper’s performance is vital to the team’s performance. Called into action at crucial times, pulling off blinding saves to keep their team in the lead or in the game, their job must not be looked down upon. A goalkeepers’ life is such that the world celebrates with them when they pull off a great save; but they stand alone in condemnation when they make a mistake and cost the game.

Spoken of in high regard as one of the best ‘keepers’ in the world, Man Utd ‘keeper David De Gea’s (DDG) rise to the top is inspiring. From a lanky lad from Spain to possibly the best shot-stopper in the world right now, De Gea has seen it all. World-class saves and jaw-dropping performances seem to be his definition of “normal”. But, he has also had his fair share of howlers.

DDG was culpable for Barcelona’s second goal against United in the clash between the giants at the Nou Camp in the CL quarter-final second leg. Leo Messi’s right footed attempt crept under the Spaniard and rolled into the goal, blowing the roof off the stadium. On the one side, the Catalans were on cloud nine; on the other, DDG and United stood devastated, looking at elimination.

If there’s anyone who can understand the emotions DDG was going through, it was another goalkeeper.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen was in goal for Barca when the catastrophe took place. The German’s reaction to what unfolded was amazing.

Videos show him not react at all to the goal, even though it asserted Barca’s dominance. He is seen having a sip of water as his teammates celebrated.

Also worth mentioning is that Ter Stegen requested the Barca fans to stop singing ill of DDG and his howler. It really was a class act from the Barca custodian.

He mentioned in a post match interview that he chose not to celebrate as that sort of mistake can happen to him as well, and he empathized with De Gea. He also praised DDG by labeling him as “one of the best in the world”. His response to the entire situation was just magnificent. Champion-like behavior from a serial winner, chasing success on multiple fronts this season. This also begs the question: Who’s the better ‘keeper – De Gea or Ter Stegen?


Man Utd midfielder completes 30 ball recoveries in a week – Absolute maniac

When Manchester United signed just 2 outfield players in the summer of 2018, fans feared the worst for their season. Rightfully so, as they aspired for silverware and with 52 million pounds shelled out on a midfielder that wasn’t a high-profile name, United fans were wary. That player, as Fred Rodrigues.

As they feared, their season did not go as planned, and neither did Fred’s. With United having a stop-start season and the team not performing as many would’ve hoped, fans turned against the management and how the club was run.

For Fred however, he wasn’t given as many opportunities as he would’ve liked; often remaining an unused sub. He would’ve hoped for more appearances and more goals at his new club.

Given that United were taking one step forward but two steps back and  Mourinho becoming a ticking time-bomb, his reign at the club came to an end. This signaled hope for Fred, who himself was struggling for form and battling injuries, striving to make more of an impact.

That hope came in the form of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (OGS). With the Norwegian coming to the club and breathing new life into it, the fans seemed hopeful for a turnaround. His arrival saw improved performances and results, as United pushed for top 4.

Fred under Ole:

With the Brazilian not featuring initially and recovering from injuries, Ole was quick to ensure the fans and the number 17 that he would definitely feature on his return, given that there was a huge chunk of fixtures left to play.

He was given his first big opportunity to shine in the game against PSG away, where he was influential in United’s comeback win and progression to the quarters of the CL.

He seems to be racking up quality performances and plaudits now, after exceptional stats in his most recent games, against Barca and West Ham.

Arguably on par with Utd’s MOTM McTominay against the Catalans, Fred produced a stellar performance that saw him recover the ball 15 times; and his overall stats: mind-blowing.

He reproduced a similar performance in the league this time around, against West Ham with the same number of recoveries, anchoring the midfield alongside Pogba. In less than a week’s time, Fred has completed 30 ball recoveries for United and delivered for them with the race for top 4 getting tighter and tighter.

With Fred coming to his own and featuring regularly for United, fans are excited to see more from the Bazilian.

Always looking for a forward pass and playing the ball ahead of the player to push the team forward, he’s gaining a lot of praise and becoming the “Fred, the Red” that United need.



Ashley Young was the ‘black hole’ where all of Man Utd’s attacking chances disappeared against Barcelona

When Manchester United and Barcelona collide, it usually is a game with high stakes. Two giants of the game, a fixture between these two generates a lot of hype, is loaded with action and for the players – an opportunity to prove themselves against the big names, and possibly even write their name in folklore.

Big games such as this bring out the best in players. They step up to the plate and the extra-effort they put in makes all the difference in the end. Over the years, this fixture has seen a whole host of big names make their mark: Messi, Rooney, Scholes, Villa, and many more.

But there weren’t a lot of heroes in the match at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

With the bags of attacking talent available, it’s stupefying to know that Barca took home a 1-0 lead thanks to a Luke Shaw own goal.

For United though, the biggest disappointment was the lack of a goal, having put in a gritty performance. Majority of the Man United fans blamed Ashley Young for being unable to deliver anything good from the right hand side and incredible stats (like the one below) prove the same.

Absolutely appalling. Playing as a right wing-back and not being able to deliver one pin-point cross or complete one dribble is an absolute abomination.

Fans totally lost their temper at the disgraceful performance of their captain. Sloppy on the ball, delaying passes on a quick counter, over or under-hitting crosses and haphazard while defending: these are common phrases associated with Young (not just for this game). Sickening.

Time and again, fans have been calling for Young to be shown the door, but earlier this season he signed a one-year extension. With good performances few and far between and consistently getting on the nerves of United fans, the Man Utd captain needs to step up, big time. Or to the delight of most supporters, leave.

With the world being introduced to the first ever picture of a black hole, it’s almost poetic that Young’s horrendous performance coincided with that; given that Young was the “black hole” through which all of United’s attacking chances disappeared.

In a game this important, the abomination of a performance that Young produced is inadmissible. While McTominay and Fred were brilliant, Young produced a horror show. Will United address the Young issue in the summer?


Fred and Scott McTominay the real deal as Man Utd have all to play for in the 2nd leg against Barcelona

The first legs of the Champions League quarter-final ties have commenced, and Barcelona came out on top in the blockbuster fixture against Manchester  United. Barca won one-nil after a Luis Suarez header ricocheted off of Luke Shaw into the back of the net after 12 minutes.

It looked like it will be a long night for United, but the United players then went on to impose themselves on Barca, and the Manchester United midfield played a huge role in that.

The Manchester United midfield for the night had Paul Pogba, Fred, and the youngster Scot McTominay. The usual free-flowing, total football that is associated with Barcelona was nowhere to be seen on the night thanks to these three showcasing the biggest difference in the English and the Spanish game, physicality.

The midfield trio of United took 15-20 minutes to settle down, but after that, they took charge of the game. The trio broke down any Barcelona attack, rendering the likes of Leo Messi and Luis Suarez, frustrated. This made Barca change their game a little, who now lobbed the ball into Suarez rather than playing it to his feet but the United defense and midfield had the aerial advantage and quickly got the possession back.

Paul Pogba had a quiet night but he played a big part in keeping the ball moving and he spread the ball out onto the wings quite beautifully on the night. It was McTominay and Fred who stole the show at Old Trafford last night.

The youngster had an amazing night. He won every aerial battle, every tackle, and made some really good passes.  Mctominay even had a penalty shout that was rightfully waved away by the ref. The youngster showed his mettle in one of the biggest fixtures of European football and that too against some of the biggest names in football.

His partner in crime Fred perhaps had his best game in a Manchester United shirt and showcased exactly why he was brought to Old Trafford from Shakhtar.

The Brazilian made an astounding 15 recoveries, more than any other player has managed in a Champions League knockout game this season. Fred not only recovered the ball well, but he also spread it out onto the wings to transition defense into attack beautifully. He was crucial in breaking down Barcelona’s attacks.

Manchester United lacked composure in the final third and had they been composed the result could have been different. They still however managed to trap one of Europe’s best team.

United have all to play for in the second leg. A repeat of last night’s performance, barring the first 15-20 minutes and a bit of composure in the final third can get the victory over Barcelona. United have won away at Juventus and famously at PSG and they just might do it again against Barcelona.

Camp Nou is where United won the Champions League in 1998/99 season and with just one away goal separating the two sides, Solskjaer might just win it for them again.

The second leg will be played on the 16th of April at Nou Camp.


Sudanese people watch Man United v Barcelona live amidst an ongoing revolution

Whilst most football fans around the world make the sport their only source of motivation, purpose and happiness, all within the bubble that is the football community, one must not forget that the world is much bigger than that and that there are much bigger concerns that need to be addressed.

One such issue that’s been in the news is the revolution that is taking place in Sudan. The people’s revolution is still in full swing having started in December 2018, due to the skyrocketing cost of living and the deteriorating economy.

The Sudanese people utilized more peaceful methods to bring about change and reform, sending the message out to the government through strikes, protests, sit-ins, social media awareness, and occasionally arson as a last resort.

A recent video and set of photos of a young woman leading the protests and calling the chants has surfaced and it has been hailed as the “Picture of the Revolution”.

Have a look for yourself to get a feel the emotions from this powerful video.

Coming to something more football-relevant in Sudan, another picture that is sure to go viral is one of the Sudanese protesters watching the UCL quarter-final first leg between Manchester United and Barcelona.

A picture that recently made its appearance online shows Sudanese protesters, who were observing a sit-in, watching the Old Trafford leg of the tie on screens that they had set up at the gathering. Football can be revolutionary too, right?

A powerful picture indeed, it shows thousands of Sudanese people engrossed in the action. Despite a 1-0 scoreline to Barcelona, the game was quite exciting to watch.

Luke Shaw’s own goal was the difference in the end, but the tie is well and truly up for grabs as United grew into the game after the goal, producing a solid second half display.

If the performance that United displayed is anything to go by, then Barca have a tough challenge in a week’s time as they host the second leg of the tie.

And with Sudan’s revolution kicking on in high gear and making a positive difference with each passing day, one can be sure to expect a pause in proceedings as Sudanese protesters, and football fans in general take a moment to engulf themselves in the experience that is, Barcelona versus Manchester United.

It goes to show that football is a universal language that binds us together.


Messi has arrived in Manchester, and this picture of him at Old Trafford has got the world talking

Ever since Lionel Messi set foot onto the footballing stage, he has only gone from strength to strength. Constantly improving every season and smashing records for fun at Barcelona, Messi is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Dubbed “The G.O.A.T” (greatest of all time), Messi has made his way to Manchester, ahead of Barcelona’s clash against United in the Champions League quarter-finals.

This season, Messi has been unstoppable and unplayable. The world is running out of words to describe Messi’s quality and what he contributes to the footballing world.

His stats this season are mind-boggling, and in all fairness to him, they have always been outstanding. He just seamlessly takes it up a notch with every passing season.

Consistency and improvement are the hallmarks of a great player, and Messi might just be the greatest.

If United stand any chance of progressing to the semi’s, this is the man to keep quiet.

So when a picture of Messi at Old Trafford appeared online, the United fans started feeling the nerves.

With United fans ready for the challenge, some neutrals predict that Barca would see off United, while some believe that United can pull it off, given their memorable victory against PSG to make it to the quarters.

Barca fans are split however, with many confident of progressing, but others wary of United given their recent resurgence. The community as whole just cannot wait for this humdinger of a match.

Irrespective of who would progress at the end of it, it is needless to say that this tie is mouth-watering, and Messi is the man to watch.

With top 4 looking harder to attain and success in the Champions League looking like the only way to ensure United are among the elite in Europe next season, United will be hoping that they can keep magical Messi at bay at Old Trafford and at the Nou Camp. Talk about a mammoth task, eh?


This picture of Ander Herrera has got United fans talking about him in more ways than one

If there’s one player that Manchester United fans want captaining their club next season, it’s Ander Herrera. Ever since the arrival of the Spaniard in 2014, he has been a fan favorite and more importantly, a leader on the pitch. The passion he exudes is nothing short of extraordinary.

From producing stellar performances against his current employers for Bilbao in the 2011-12 Europa League season to becoming a feisty general at the heart of United’s midfield and a top candidate for captaincy, Herrera’s growth has been eye-catching.

The 2017 Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year has won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Community Shield and Europa League with United in nearly five years at the club. A vital component in the current midfield alongside Matic and Pogba, fans are certain that with Herrera patrolling the center of the park, United’s midfield looks solid.

And when this picture of Herrera popped up online recently, fans adored the class of the midfielder to take time out after training to watch the under-18’s play.

It was brilliant of him to keep a keen eye on the budding talent coming out of the club where he plies his trade, and act as a source of motivation and support to the youngsters during their game.

But what this picture also did, was spark a lot of debate regarding his transfer speculation. Internet has been rife with rumors of PSG being interested in signing the midfielder for free, with his contract expiring at the end of the current season.

While some fans are displeased that a player of his quality was allowed to run down his contract, others are not happy with the rumors suggesting Herrera is demanding a massive pay-rise to keep him at the club.

With more rumors coming out suggesting Herrera has also signed a pre-contract with the French giants, United fans are left bewildered; and left with more questions than answers as each day passes.

A player that pops up with crucial goals and is renowned for breaking up the play, “pocketing” players and nullifying the oppositions game plan, the rumors around Herrera’s transfer is one that leaves us all struggling for words if not, speechless. What do you think of the entire transfer situation at Manchester United?



Man Utd fans have wanted Smalling, Jones & Young out of the club since 2013

Ever since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (OGS) took over as caretaker manager of Manchester United, the club seems to have had new life breathed into it. With a healthy run of results and a change in playing style under the Norwegian, things are looking exciting for the red side of Manchester.

OGS has rejuvenated Man Utd to say the least: bringing back the feel-good factor and re-establishing that fear factor that is characteristic of the Red Devils. Factors such as the team playing silky attacking football, the first team becoming more stable and team spirit being uplifted; have earned Ole the manager’s job full-time.

With the current season coming to a close, he will look to bolster the squad for next season. Looking to add the personnel that he wants, to achieve the heights and glory normally associated with a club of Man Utd’s stature, we may also see him get rid of some of the “deadwood” at the club.

This brings us to an interesting tweet that popped up recently, encapsulating the very frustrations that Man Utd fans have carried forward since the retirement of Sir Alex. It is a response to a tweet from 2013 in which a fan expressed his eagerness to have United sell Smalling, Young, Nani and Jones.

It’s no secret that a bulk of the United fans have wanted the likes of Smalling, Jones and Young out of their club for ages. With the trio still at the club in 2019, it’s understandable why fans are still complaining. That’s exactly what this tweet is about. It is the very embodiment of the fans’ irritations.

Supporters have been screaming out for years for better signings, especially in the defensive third. Big names like Godin, Alderweireld and Koulibaly have been linked, but nothing has materialized yet.

And while the likes of Pogba, Lukaku and Martial have more than impressed the fans in attack, defensive signings like Darmian and Rojo have failed to hit the ground running.

Paired with the fact that Smalling, Jones and Young racking up appearances for United and costing the club a lot of money, fans are frustrated (if not, upset) with the infamous trio signing extensions with the club, instead of being shown the exit.

And given the potential exodus of players at end of the season, players running down their contracts, and lack of big-name signings at the back, United fans are left scratching their heads; fuming more than ever at the pathetic state of matters surrounding transfers and contracts.

Will there be a shuffle at the back for Man Utd next season? Do Manchester United need to revise their transfer policy?



Man United assistant manager commits a ‘Phelany’ after Liverpool’s win against Bayern Munich

Four English teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. What a time to be English! Liverpool’s victory over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena coupled with Chelsea’s and Arsenal’s wins in the Europa League has ensured that for the first time since 1971 six English sides have progressed into the next round of European competition.

Bayern Munich are nothing less than European royalty and Liverpool’s victory over the Germans have caught the eye of one particular Red Devil. It seems that United’s assistant manager Mike Phelan has had his pick of the lot.

Now, before United fans pelt their desktops with stones, let me tell you this. These are Mike Phelan’s words, not mine.

Have a look –

Via Twitter/@Mike_Phelan_1

While it may seem that Liverpool have gone off the boil in recent weeks, those fears have been put to rest, courtesy of a moment of magic at the Allianz Arena from Liverpool’s main man, Sadio Mane. The Senegalese, who is in the form of his life now has 10 goals in his last ten.

Liverpool fans will be hoping that Mike Phelan does them a favor when table-toppers Manchester City visit Old Trafford in gameweek 35. Of late, United fans have been caught in between somewhat of a rock and a hard place, with the 1st place in the PL frequently exchanging hands between bitter rivals Liverpool and Pep Guardiola’s Citizens.

Man United, meanwhile, have their own worries. The arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim boss has breathed new life into Pogba and co, with United sitting within shouting distance of a Champions League spot, two points behind the Gunners. The Red Devils do have Chelsea breathing down their neck, and with United yet to face Man City and Chelsea at home, it may seem like United’s baby-faced assassin has his work cut out for him.

Liverpool, who trail leaders City by a solitary point can only sit and hope that the Red Devils huff and puff and blow down City’s house.


Watch: Man United superfan Usain Bolt calls Arsenal ‘the best’ while wearing Gunners merchandise

World fastest man Usain Bolt is known to be a Manchester United fan through and through.

And the internet melted down last night when some fans spotted the Jamaican in arch-rival Arsenal’s colours.

Bolt, 32, is one of the most decorated athletes in the world and has won as many as 11 world championships before retiring in 2017.

But after retiring from athletics, the Jamaican went on to pursue his ambition of becoming a professional football player and to play for his dream club Manchester United one day.

He began his football training in Norway before moving to Australia to join A-League side Central Coast Mariners.

The Jamaican soon featured for the Mariners in friendly matches and scored a brace in his second appearance, prompting the New South Wales club to offer him a professional contract.

The contract, however, never realized and in November 2018, Bolt left Australia before eventually announcing his retirement last January.

For someone who went through all this after a phenomenal career in athletics just to realize the dream of playing for Manchester United, even thinking of wearing arch-rivals Arsenal’s shirt should be disastrous.

But in the viral video, the Jamaican can be seen doing exactly that.

He then even went on to kiss the Gunners badge and saying ‘Arsenal is the best’.

Have a look at the clip here –

It is most likely that the track legend has lost a wager with a friend and was forced to recite the words following Manchester United’s 2-0 defeat against the North London side.

And it was not the first time when the Jamaican was forced to a similar act.

Back in 2015, Bolt was forced to take a selfie in Arsenal colours after he lost a bet with avid Arsenal fan and TV presenter Patty Lopez de la Cerda.